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About Us

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Spirit & Associates is an organiztion dedicated to educating and assisting families, friends and professionals to help those "in need of help" but may not wish to be helped.

S.P.I.R.I.T stands for: Special People Inspiring Recovery In Time


Sometimes people make the mistake of believing that "We," the Staff of Spirit & Associates are the “special people.” This is not the intended meaning


The truly “special” people are those family members and friends who care enough and are courageous to get involved, willing to take action even when action may not be easy, willing to face the challenges necessary to help the individual in distress even when they may not wish to receive help.


Those who choose “to be part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.” These are the truly “Special People.”

Along with their academic qualifications, professional training and life experience they afford their clients and families, Penny Pennachi and Gene Middleton recognize the need to offer and maintain high integrity while serving in the capacity of interventionists.


Penny and Gene are certified interventionist and addiction counselors. Therefore, they abide by the credentialing requirements and Code of Ethics of that governing board to ensure the highest of standards in the field of service they offer.


Team Interventionists Approach

Both have extensive experience with conducting interventions independently, with a combined experience in excess of forty years. While working as independent interventionist we achieved a success rate of approximately seventy percent in motivating clients to accept treatment at the first meeting. Over the past twenty years, we increased that success rate to approximately ninety percent by working together as a team.  

Penny Pennachi and Gene Middleton's expertise regarding the TEAM APPROACH to intervention was featured in an article published by a magazine for addiction treatment professionals.   

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For more information and a comparison of the single interventionist approach versus the Team Interventionists approach please click here.

Chad Shaeffer is a substance abuse therapist with over 20 years of professional experience.  His experience includes a variety of treatment settings: correctional institutions, inpatient rehabs, and outpatient rehabs.  And his experience includes a variety of positions/roles: Clinical Director, Head Counselor, Primary Therapist, and Program Coordinator.   Chad holds degrees in psychology, philosophy, plus theology, and he is a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor.  

Chad specializes in 5329 (threat/risk of harm) Evaluations for the Court regarding custody matters.  

Special People Inspiring Recovery In Time

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