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Monitoring and Recovery management


Spirit and Associates Monitoring Service provides the following:

  • Professional Case Management

  • Continuing Care Management

  • Support and Assistance to Family and Loved-one with Transitioning Home After Treatment

  • Coaching and Consultation

  • Random Toxicology Screenings

  • Specific Needs Identification

  • Development of Personalized Recovery/Behavioral Contract for Individual and Family

  • Family Education

    • One full year of consultation and case-management with treatment provider, aftercare, doctors & counselors, family and client to monitor progress and support continued recovery

    • Available to family and client 24 hours, 7 days per week for crisis management

    • Assist family and client with developing a recovery support team

    • Assist family, client and recovery support team with the understanding, development and application of recovery tools and skills

    • Facilitate and structure a written recovery contract/plan for client and family

    • Schedule and monitor random drug and alcohol screening tests for client

    • Additional interventions conducted as needed to prevent relapse or in the event relapse occurs

    • Available to advocate with courts, probation officers, employers and mental health agencies

    • Conduct (in-home) mediation sessions to resolve conflict and facilitate healing from the impact of addiction, mental health issues and related dysfunction                                                              

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