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Mental Health Intervention Questionnaire

If you think your loved one has a problem with mental health and/or emotional distress and Intervention is necessary, here are 25 questions to help you decide:


  • Has the person lost friendships due to his/her mental/emotional deterioration and related behavior?

  • Does he/she seek escape through isolation and avoidant behavior?

  • Has he/she ever used drugs/alcohol to be socially accepted?

  • Has he/she ever used drugs/alcohol to self medicate?

  • Was his/her health ever affected by his/her emotional/mental condition?

  • Has he/she ever been in a hospital or Institution because of mental health issues?

  • Was he/she ever arrested due to behavior while under emotional/mental distress?

  • Did he/she ever lose awareness, memory or blocks of time due to emotional/mental distress?

  • Does he/she experience extreme episodes of fear and/or lack of self-confidence?

  • Does he/she ever deny or hide his/her behaviors related to emotional/mental health issues?

  • Has his/her normal functions ever been affected by his/her mental/emotional health issues?

  • Have people lost respect for him/her due to inappropriate behaviors/emotions and mental condition?

  • Has he/she ever harmed or put self or others at risk while under emotional/mental distress?

  • Has he/she ever felt guilty or remorse because of his/her lack of control re: behaviors?

  • Has he/she refused to seek professional help for emotional/mental/behavioral problems?

  • Has he/she ever attempted to control his/her mental health issues without success?

  • Is his/her emotional/mental health issues making your home life unhappy?

  • Does his/her personality ever change, become unpredictable or exhibit extreme mood swings?

  • Has he/she ever lost time from school or work due to emotional/mental difficulties?

  • Have you ever made excuses or given alibis for his/her behavior or his/her inability to function?

  • Has he/she ever refused ever to take medication prescribed by a professional or stopped taking it as soon as he/she feels better?

  • Do you constantly worry and lack confidence in her/his ability to effectively self-care and assume responsibility for self?

  • Do you experience feeling drained and consumed by his/her needs?

  • Have all your attempts to help him/her failed to make a lasting difference?

  • Has he/she been immobilized by fear, ambivalence and helplessness?



Through our personal experience with mental health, we have found that if you answered yes to 1 or 2 of these questions, your loved one may have a mental health problem.  If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions your loved one definitely has a problem with mental health.  


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