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Coaching is an alternative to traditional therapy. It does not go into depth about past issues and causes, but rather focuses on the present and future. Coaching is action oriented and actively encourages the client to determine his/her own answers. Personal empowerment is the primary goal.

Coaching helps the client to identify what they want personally and professionally while supporting them in achieving a life they really want and love. It helps one create balance and find purpose in their lives.



Who is appropriate for and benefits most from the coaching experiences?


  • Individuals in transition i.e. divorce, between jobs, recovering from illness, addiction, or stuck emotionally or stuck emotionally and/or spiritually, etc.

  • Professionals

  • Business Owners

  • Individuals With Codependency Issues

  • Individuals desiring motivation for personal change


Getting Started


Telephone Coaching is scheduled in one-month blocks

  • One fifty-minute session is provided per week for a total of four weeks.

  • Determine after first month block whether you’d like to continue.


Hands-on Coaching – Bring the Coach to You

  • Professional Coach comes to your home area for one-week blocks.

  • Available to you 12 hours daily for one week.

  • Provides whatever support and assistance you need within that week.

  • Accompanies you to appointments, workouts, meetings, etc.


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