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Mediation – is provided for families/friends, organizations, and clients where Intervention may be inappropriate or an unrealistic option. Mediation may also be utilized to assist families, organizations, and client with resolving conflict. Mediation provides an opportunity for concerned parties to repair or improve relationships damaged by conflict often brought on by crisis, change, mental health struggles and addiction/recovery.

Mediation as an alternative to intervention applies when families and or organizations are having difficulty with isolating the conflict or exact nature of the problem/conflict. There is an awareness of dysfunction, communication and behavioral problems within the system or individual without clarification of the cause. This often is viewed as a natural, softer approach to intervention as it identifies the issues and often leads to individuals accepting or getting the help they need. It is especially effective when the family or system lacks leverage over the individual they are concerned about.

These sessions are designed to promote open, safe expression with the objective of identifying the root of the conflict/dysfunction while collectively brainstorming solutions.

Another effective use of this service is when family members are at odds with their approach to a problem or at odds with the setting of limits and boundaries with a loved one. Once these differences are resolved the solution becomes evident.

Other times there are unresolved feelings of anger, resentment and betrayal as a result of living with untreated addiction and mental health issues. Mediation helps family members to objectively identify these feelings/issues while exploring realistic options for resolution.

Mediation Service provides the following:

  • Individual intake to assess needs/goals of each participant

  • Bi-monthly scheduled “in-home” family meetings a minimum of 3 hours each in duration

  • Sessions are Co-facilitated by counseling professionals

  • Written assessment, plan and recommendations for participants

  • Follow up telephone consultations and coaching with each participant between sessions and as needed to provide additional support

  • Provide resources and coordinate referrals as needed and appropriate

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