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Client Escort


Upon completion of a successful intervention the family or employer may choose to have the interventionist escort the “client” to the selected treatment facility.  This service must be decided upon prior to the actual day of the intervention due to sched!ling and the need to pre-arrange transportation ie airfare, etc. There is an additional charge for client escort service.


Why Use Client Escort Service?

The client who has just been intervened upon needs to be escorted by a family member, friend or professional to ensure immediate admission to treatment.

It is often a very emotional frightening and confusing time for them. If left alone without continued encouragement and support, they frequently will talk themselves out of going or rationalize that they will go at a later date. They sincerely have every intention of going later but rarely follow through.

Family members and friends are usually emotionally exhausted after the intervention process and all the events that lead up to the decision that an intervention was necessary. It is very difficult for family and friends to remain objective and they can be more easily manipulated by their loved one’s attempts to renege on their commitment to treatment.

It is also a time where the loved one may need “space” to process feelings related to the intervention, and, to reflect on the events of their lives leading up to their need for help’treatment.

The interventionist or professional escort is prepared for and understands all of the above. They have the ability and training to remain objective, but supportive, while empathizing wiht your loved one’s doubts, fears, anger, etc. Clients escorted by the interventionist are more likely to follow through with admission to treatment.



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