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Intervention & Evaluation


Intervention is often the first step on the road to recovery. It takes courage to confront addiction. You can make the difference!

Spirit and Associates specializes in providing evaluations, education, interventions, counseling, and consultation to individuals and families afflicted with addiction and mental health issues.

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Monitoring & 

Recovery Management


The first year of an individuals recovery is the most difficult. Approximately 50% of all of those who successfully complete treatment will relapse within the first year. Monitoring significantly increases the individuals likelihood of success by providing a continuum of accountability.

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Family Service


Assisted Recovery for Family and Loved ones offered by experienced Addiction and Counseling Professionals

The monitoring service allows the family and friends to disengage from the role of “the enforcer” so that they may begin their own healing process from the impact of addiction and its related dysfunction.

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Provided for families/ friends, organizations, and clients where Intervention may be inappropriate or an unrealistic option.  May also be utilized to assist families, organizations, and client with resolving conflict.  Mediation provides an opportunity for concerned parties to repair or improve relationships damaged by conflict often brought on by crisis, change and addiction recovery. 

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Spirit & Associates will provide consultation services for an agency, company, facility, school, organization, family or individual.








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Provide on site educational programs for communities, organizations, treatment facilities and professionals.  Course offerings approved by Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB) and Pennsylvania Department of Health. 




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 Client Escort


It is often a very emotional frightening and confusing time for the client who has just been intervened upon. If left alone without continued encouragement and support, they frequently will talk themselves out of going or rationalize that they will go at a later date. They sincerely have every intention of going later but rarely follow through.


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Provides forum for individuals to explore and discover who they are, identify what they want most, and to create and develop strategies to achieve their goals.  Coaching provides the individual with the insights and resources to live an empowered and abundant life. 





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Counseling Service


Individuals enter counseling for a variety of reasons. Spirit and Associates believe the ultimate goal of the counseling relationship is to assist the client with achieving self-growth and empowerment. Penny Pennachi provides a safe and constructive environment for individuals to explore and identify personal barriers to living a productive empowered and fulfilled life.

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Special People Inspiring Recovery In Time

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