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Family Services


Assisted Recovery for Family and Loved ones offered by experienced Addiction and Counseling Professionals

The monitoring service allows the family and friends to disengage from the role of “the enforcer” so that they may begin their own healing process from the impact of addiction and its related dysfunction.

Spirit and Associates provides a professional coaching program for families and individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues. We teach families how to work together as a team, not in a controlling or enabling fashion, but rather an assertive, loving, and solution-focused manner.


Addiction and mental health issues are too powerful to handle alone. We encouragement empowerment! Lasting recovery requires that family members learn to relate/engage differently with the  addict/MH individual. This process takes time and support.

We will come to you. We are committed to you and your loved-one for one full year and longer if you need us. We will assist you with developing a recovery support plan and team that is unique to your situation while providing consistent coaching and support to help you successfully follow-through. We are available to you and your loved-one every step of the way.

There are a series of steps toward building a successful life in recovery. Acceptance of help and treatment is the first step. Though treatment builds a foundation for understanding the illness, it is truly only the first hurdle in the process of recovery.

An imperative second step is the development and incorporation of consistent recovery tools, support and skill that can assist an individual with maintaining and enjoying long-term recovery. Unfortunately over 50% of those who successfully complete treatment fail to follow-through with this next step. This lack of follow through is a leading cause of relapse for individuals in their first year of recovery.

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