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Individual Counseling


Individuals enter counseling for a variety of reasons. Spirit and Associates believe the ultimate goal of the counseling relationship is to assist the client with achieving self-growth and empowerment. Penny Pennachi and Gene Middleton provide a safe and constructive environment for individuals to explore and identify personal barriers to living a productive empowered and fulfilled life.

Life experiences, learned behavior, personal belief systems, grief & loss, addictions, trauma & abuse, codependency & Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) issues and domestic violence can disrupt and limit our ability to experience and create the healthy life we envision for ourselves.

Statistically stated, the most effective healing regimen includes individual and group counseling combined with an on-going avenue of available support i.e. Twelve-Step meetings, church and/or other community support organizations that are self-help in nature.

Penny and Gene bring both education and personal experiences to the therapeutic relationship that enable them to utilize an eclectic, experiential counseling approach. This approach includes but is not limited to cognitive restructuring theory and technique; family/systems & family of origin; motivational, empowerment & self-advocacy; twelve-step philosophy and addictions psychology. She presents at Retreats on various self-growth and motivational topics.

Individual and Group Counseling Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • ACOA & Codependency

  • Addictions

  • Family Systems and Family of Origin

  • Abuse, Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Parenting

  • Relationship & Boundary Issues

  • Anger & Domestic Violence (victim and perpetrator)


Group Counseling


Many people participate in group therapy in an attempt to alleviate specific problems, for example, depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, anger, eating disorders, etc. Others participate in group therapy to enhance their personal growth and development. Still others find the structure, education and support of group therapy to be an invaluable incentive for following through with personal goals and desired life change. Whatever the reason…group therapy is one of the most effective tools utilized in an individual’s personal development and healing process.

Ms. Pennachi also offers several non-traditional Motivational Groups where she serves in a combined role of Coach, Therapist and Nurturer/Support person. These groups are specifically designed for individuals who are working with empowerment, self-advocacy and the courage to pursue and follow their dreams.

Click here for an example of one of our groups offered (Personal Growth Group)


Traditional Group List

  • Alternatives to Violence/Anger Management

  • Drug and Alcohol Counseling (Weekly Aftercare -Group)

  • Batterers Intervention Program (Duluth Model)

  • Parenting GroupParenting and Relational Skills Learning to Advocate for Yourselves and Your Children

  • Neurobiology Family of Origin & Developmental HistoryDesigned to address all related Familial DysfunctionACOA, Codependency issues, Chemical Dependency and other Addictions

  • Recovery Court/Relapse Prevention


Non- Traditional Group List

  • Vision/Synchronicity GroupDesigned to help others recognize and honor hope and intuition in daily living

  • Closed Process/Personal Growth Group

  • A Spiritual Path to Higher CreativityDesigned for Discovering & Recovering our Creative Self

  • Self-BetrayalTwelve Steps to Restoring and Healing Your “Authentic/Core Self”

  • Sliding Scale Fee Available upon Verified Individual Need.


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