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Interventionists In Pennsylvania

Drug and alcohol abuse and the disease of addiction are prevalent in every Americans life. Whether a relative, friend, or co-worker everyone knows someone who is suffering. Most people that are struggling with the disease of addiction never get help. There are numerous contributing factors to this horrible statistic. The first and most widely used is that the addict or their loved one denies or minimizes the problem. These are the people that try to control their using in a myriad of ways. They substitute one drug for another, they try only using at certain times, and the list could go on and on. This never works. The patterns of the addict return and get worse. Addiction is a progressive and fatal disease. It always gets worse, never better. Another reason people don't get help is because they have no idea how to go about finding the right people to solve the problem. With the complicated insurance world and waiting lists at treatment centers most times they give up and just "wish" the problem away.

The good news that Spirit & Associates brings to you is that we can help solve both these riddles. We serve as interventionists to help solve the issues with the addict/alcoholic. An intervention can serve as a very useful tool to a family that has been trying unsuccessfully at helping their loved one. We take an objective view of the situation that has created anger, fear, and resentment in the lives of everyone effected by chemical dependency. We also work with dozens of treatment facilities that will not only have an open bed but will also accept the funding source. Don't wait for the problem to continue to get worse. Please call us and let us help you. With over 35 years experience in the field of addiction, we know what needs to be done to end the life of horror and sadness that alcoholism and drug addiction bring

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