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Who Is Responsible For Addiction???

Run as fast as you can from any health professional that leads you to believe that you are responsible for your child’s or loved-ones addiction. Addiction is a disease that originates from ones brain chemistry. Research has well established the genetic connection and neurobiology of addiction. Even if your DNA passed along a predisposition for addiction you are not responsible for your child’s addiction anymore than you are responsible for your child’s struggle with diabetes.

However you are responsible for seeking help for a child that is in trouble with chemical abuse just as you would be if your child was struggling with any other illness. You are also responsible for how you may contribute to your loved-ones addiction through enabling behaviors and uninformed attempts at helping or fixing the problem. Often We can fall into the trap of thinking it is just a phase our loved one is going through and that they will out- grow it or move past it. This is generally not the reality. Additionally, you are responsible for how you are being impacted by another’s addiction. It is important that you get help for yourself and learn what, and what not to do as well as how to take care of yourself.

Therefore if you have a child or loved one who is struggling with chemical abuse or addiction take responsibility for learning as much as you can about addiction and available resources and get assistance with navigating through the multitude of options and choices for your loved one and your recovery.

Reach out to others who share your struggle, you are not alone!

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