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People unconsciously tend to judge those who struggle with denial. The deeper an individual’s denial the greater they are judged.

Denial is a natural psychological, unconscious defense that protects and acts as a buffer from emotional and psychological pain until one feels able and safe enough to deal with it.

Denial: D. Don’t E. Even N. Know I. A. Am L. Lying

It is true that those who are in denial do not know they are lying to themselves. That is why denial is so powerful – it keeps one from the ability to see their problem for what it is. Denial is the backbone and support for all active addictions, codependency and many dysfunctional behaviors. Addiction and codependency cannot exist without a significant level of denial because these conditions cause one to completely abandon ones true self.

All human beings have this natural built-in denial mechanism however those struggling with or impacted by addiction get stuck – they become frozen - losing the ability to move through it without help or significant crises and loss – usually a combination of both.

Where an individual who does not or is not significantly impacted by addiction may initially deny a loss or a reality that causes significant pain, But when confronted with the reality they are able to accept the loss and take responsibility for working through it.

Intervention helps both the addicted and family members confront and work through the associated pain of addiction and codependency. Intervention often helps those that are frozen in denial avoid the additional consequences and loss of waiting for a natural bottom to occur.

So please, do not judge, but rather take a proactive and compassionate approach through that of intervention.

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